This is a Cool Video.

I know this video is a little long, but I thought this was important to share. But just in case you are a not the type that likes to sit through a video longer than a couple of minutes, I am going to summarize the contents of the video here:

At the end of your chromosomes Strands there is a enzyme known as Telomerase. This Enzyme protects the DNA at the end chromosome strands  from Fraying. When the telomeres are shorten the ends of the strand of the chromosomes eventually fray which in turn create errors in the DNA and accelerate the rate of aging and disease. 

Emotional stress such as a high stress job, abuse, death and loss as well as physical factors such as obesity, poor exercise and eating habits all may be controllable risk factors that contribute to shortening telomeres. Some studies indicate that by controlling these risk factors it may reduce the shortening of telomeres thereby prolonging life. Life Style changes and some supplementation can help protect the Telomeres.

This is one of main reason that have adopted a martial arts lifestyle. Practicing martial arts is extremely helpful in keeping a healthy lifestyle and control body weight. I also watch what I eat and take supplements.

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