Not All Calories Are Created Equal

One of the Biggest Diet Myths, perpetuated even by some of  the best known diet programs is:

“You can eat whatever you want, just watch your calories” This couldn’t be further from the truth, when in fact, eating a nutrient dense diet will not only accelerate your weight loss results, but it will also promote the healthy function of all the body’s systems.

You don’t have to starve, or eat unsavory food in order to be healthy and look great. You just have to make the right choices when you eat. The bottom line is: you can eat what you like, for as long as it is void of empty calories, and excess sugars. Here is an excellent article that explains more about this simple fact, enjoy…

Not All Calories Are Created Equal

By Ben T Coomber

Many people will lose weight, and quite often the focus of this weight loss is through counting all the calories that one eats. This is the basis of many successful weight loss programs, such as weight watchers, slimming world and even the governments eat well plate. But is such an approach warranted when not all calories can be counted as the same?

Don’t believe me? Let’s think logic, do you think that a calorie of sugar is going to have the same physiological impact on the body as a calorie of spinach, or steak? When we look at one calorie maybe not, but what if 500 of our daily calories are from, say, sugar? Do you think that such a huge proportion of someone’s daily calorie intake from something like sugar is not going to have a large negative effect seeing as sugar greatly elevates blood sugar level, insulin, stresses the appetite hormones and results in fat storage when not burnt as energy…

So when we count points on the weight watchers system, and a chocolate brownie is the same amount of points as a rare cooked steak, is it fair to say that such a system is highly flawed? Don’t get me wrong, keeping track of the calories that you are consuming can be of great benefit, but unless we are tracking the actual food sources these calories are coming from then we are only shortchanging the results that are possible.

Should anyone serious about losing weight really be allowed to eat a chocolate brownie? As soon as a system like this is implemented it gives the mentality that it is OK to eat anything in moderation, when really it isn’t, if you are serious about losing weight then there are definitely lots of food choices that should be totally absent from your diet. Anything that is sweet and cake related is a definite no no, cause although we are looking to lose weight it is likely you are looking to become healthier as well, and none of these things are going to make you healthier, yet increase your risk of disease development. Remember that the healthier you are the quicker and more efficiently you will lose weight, it’s a positive catch 22 that you want to be in.

I almost hold my hands over my ears with fear when I question why someone might have eaten some cake or something equally bad, the response usually goes like this “oh don’t worry, it was a weight watchers cake”. If weight watchers had developed a way to make CAKE healthy I think they would have won the noble peace prize, everyone would be eating it. Cake, whatever way you slice it is bad. It’s full of sugar, hydrogenated fat, refined flour and preservatives, so just cause it was a weight watchers cake does not mean it was any healthier than a normal cake. Yes it might have a few less calories, but does it really matter, what matter is that the ingredients were pure junk. Compare all those calories to a whole dairy yogurt and a chopped banana and we are talking about a whole different ball game.

So by all means count calories, but cake calories don’t count!

Ben Coomber consults with MMA, rowing, rugby and physique athletes at various levels. Consults for UK tennis, and owns and runs Body Type Nutrition. He is an Internationally Certified Sports Nutritionist.

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A Review Of The Duke Diet

If going it alone while dieting sounds like a pit of despair, you will most likely need constant support and reinforcement along your dieting journey. This may be the time to try the Duke diet.

The Duke diet was created at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center in Durham, North Carolina. It began as a residential diet program and is still being used today. Now, with online diet programs, millions of people who don’t live nearby a residential program can enjoy the benefits of the Duke diet.

How the Duke Plan Works

Doctors have taken the essence of the residential program and put it online. Here, members will learn how to view and control four areas: diet, exercise, behavior, and medical. Nutrition is emphasized because many participants don’t understand how to eat or what to eat to lose weight.

The program offers an online database with hundreds of recipes to choose from for meal ideas. The Duke diet also develops a customized meal plan based on your needs so that all you have to do is prepare the meals.

Exercise is one of the keys to weight loss. Online, you can find videos and pictures of exercises you can do at home to increase your activity level. As always, start slow and increase as you become more comfortable.

The behavior portion helps you understand food and your relationship with it. As you learn to see food differently, you also learn to separate emotions from eating.

Those who lose weight improve their health. By losing even ten percent of your body weight, you can lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Another concern is high cholesterol levels, which can contribute to strokes. Weight loss can certainly reduce these risks.


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With today’s busy lifestyles, being able to interact and take control of your diet online is one way to develop a successful weight loss program. This program is backed by doctors and sound research. If you want help along the way, this plan is designed to give you all the support you need.

Your chance of success is increased with several dieting and weight loss tools. These tools include a food log, personal coaching, customized fitness and eating plans, and behavioral testing.

Here’s the Skinny

This is not a quick weight loss plan. Instead, this plan teaches you how to change your life habits. The online program is much less expensive than the residential program, which makes it available to more people. For those with a severe weight problem, or issues with emotional issues concerning their weight, the support and validation are invaluable.

For long term lifestyle changes, which we all know is the only way to keep the weight off, give the Duke diet a try.

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