All Weight Loss Diets Fail

“Lose 30 pounds in 30 days, guaranteed” says the man in the radio commercial for the weight loss clinic, or “1 Tip To Fast Weight Loss” reads the marketing ad.


Quick weight loss promises like these are common everywhere you go. And yet in the United States of America 2 out of every 3 people are overweight or obese. With obesity being the number one contributor to killer diseases like Diabetes, and Heart Disease, it is obvious that we have a problem of epidemic proportions.


It is ironic that in our modern world of sophisticated technical advances, and instant communications, the answer to better health eludes us. Every body is looking for the magic formula for weight management and weight control. But what dominate the information super highway are dietary gimmicks that pin your willpower against your ever-slowing metabolism. The end result: the same old yo-yo diet.


In my Acupuncture practice, I help people lose weight with acupuncture and dietary advice. I have noticed that everybody that comes for weight loss treatments have something in common; they all have a favorite diet, you name it: the Adkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, the Zone diet, Weight Watchers, etc, etc. Any diet that they followed in the past, that gave them some success at losing weight, is considered a good diet. And yet, they now sit in my office wanting to lose the weight again, this time with the help of acupuncture.


Faced with this fact, two questions come to mind. If your diet was successful, how come you ended up regaining the weight again? And why not just do the same thing again, and shed the excess weight like the first time?


The answer lies on the initial goal of the weight loss diet. One, and perhaps the most popular definition of the word diet, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is: a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight. If you ask the average person what comes to mind when they hear the word diet you’ll probably get answers like: restrictive meal plan, or planned starvation or something that denotes unpleasantness.


If the goal of the diet is weight loss, once you achieve the desired weight you’ll stop dieting because you reached your goal. But absent the diet, you will revert to the habits that made you gain the weight to begin with.


In 2009 Researchers at Laval University in Québec, Canada did a study in which the emphasis was put on health improvement rather than in actual weight loss. The participants in the study were overweight or obese women who had likely entered the study as chronic dieters. They were taught good nutrition (what TO eat, not what NOT to eat); they were helped to enjoy physical activity, and how to listen to their bodies. It also taught strategies for appreciating their body as it is now, regardless of size.


At the 1-year follow-up, two-thirds of participants had lost weight, despite the interventions’ explicit focus on positive behaviors, not trying to reduce food intake or lose weight. When you compare these results with the results of a typical diet, it proved to be an outstanding success.


What you get when you pin willpower against biology, is that biology wins every time.

A better choice is to follow a wellness and nutrition program that, helps you learn how to eat healthy, aids you to speed up your metabolism and focused on your over all health. And a nice side effect of having the knowledge on how to maintain a healthy body is the faster road to achieving the elusive body of our dreams.


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1. Provencher V, Bégin C, Tremblay A, et al. (2009). Health-at-every-size and eating behaviors: 1-year follow-up results of a size acceptance intervention. J Am Diet Assoc, 109(11),1854-1861.









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Fat Burners – Accelerating Weight Loss

Fat Burners – Accelerating Weight Loss

By Darren W Chow

Obesity is a serious problem that many people face. Not only does the excess weight cause inconvenience in everyday life, an obese person is also more vulnerable to all kinds of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. These are serious health conditions that can drastically change the life of an individual. In more serious cases, the diseases can even be life threatening. If you find yourself just putting on weight, it is still not too late to take preventive measures. Many obese people find it painful to lose weight, and they leave no stone unturned just to find a solution that works.

Perhaps fat burners may be the right solution. Fat burners help to accelerate the weight loss process by blocking fat receptors from taking on more fat. The ingredients drastically reduce the body’s ability to store fat. Hence, the overall weight plummets. Here are a few issues to take into consideration when taking fat burner capsules.

1) Buy trusted brands only.

Major brand names have a reputation to protect. Hence, they put their products through vigorous rounds of testing to make sure that the products work as promised, and pose no health problems to the consumer. Trusted major labels include Body Sculpture, Dialene, ThermXEF, and several others.

2) Pay attention to the recommended dosage.

When you buy fat burners, they always come with recommended dosages. These recommendations are there for a reason – they are meant to maximize the results, while protecting your health. For example, most products will recommend that you take just 1 capsule a day with 8 glasses of water, and that you should not take more than a capsule for any 24 hour period. If you are unsure of the dosage, always consult a qualified physician.

3) Proper medical advice.

Don’t just buy different products off the market and test out the products. Seek proper medical advice, and always keep your family physician in the loop regarding the pills that you are taking. Fat burners are usually very safe because of strict health regulations put in place by relevant authorities to protect the consumers. But individual health conditions differ. Therefore, having medical advice is better than trying out the pills on your own.

4) Knowing your own goals.

Different people have different goals. Some aim to lose weight to improve general health. Others aim to reduce fat to build leaner muscles. There are different types of fat burners for different groups of people. For instance, there are capsules that are made specifically for women.

5) Understanding the capsules.

Spend a little time doing research on the product(s) that you are interested in buying. They contain different ingredients and may be made for different situations. A variety of factors affect the storing of fat in the human body. For example, activation of a specific type of fat receptor (alpha 2) is anti-lipolytic (slows down fat burning). The product could be aimed at neutralizing this cause. A good understanding will help you make better buying decisions.

Finally, bear in mind that fat burners are not magic pills. They should always be included as part of your overall weight loss program. Your weight loss program should include proper dieting, exercise, and adequate rest. The capsules will help accelerate the process so that you can see results faster. But if you all you do is to pop pills, hoping to see miracles, they probably won’t work as expected.

Product reviews on Fat Burners.

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