The Hidden Benefits For Women To Weight Lift

My friend Sheila, who just started to follow the same eating plan that is giving me such awesome results, asked me which type of exercise will maximize her fat loss. My answer was immediate, and without hesitation, for¬†reasons described below…¬†

Author: Taylor Ryan

I think it is safe to say that we all know that if we incorporate weight training as a method of fitness that women are going to gain muscle mass. But, this is only one benefit behind women’s weight lifting!

Let us call these benefits the magic 7! These are my top reasons for promoting strength training, aside from the given benefit of looking AMAZING.

1. Increase strength. If you gain muscle that obviously you are going to gain strength at the same time. This new found strength will make any women feel more independent and powerful! Just think you may no longer need your significant other to open the pickle jar.

2. Decrease Fat. Creating muscle takes a lot of work from your body. The body’s metabolism will increase so to compensate for the increase need of fuel. And the natural place for this fuel to come? Your fat. So you increase your lean muscle mass and wave good bye to the love handles that every girl despises.

3. Increase bone density. As women grow older their bodies start to make less estrogen. Estrogen is very helpful for keeping our bones strong and unbreakable. With this drop and the natural tendency to decrease activity with age osteoporosis is an almost guarantee these days. BUT with weight training this can be withheld. The strain that you place on the bones during weight baring exercise actual promotes bone strengthening and it is the actions of today that can help you out in the future. So by having a weight training routine women can decrease their risk of the curved poor posture and a broken hip!

4. Fight off the flu. Staying active promotes a healthy lifestyle all the way around, including the immune system. You immune system will stay strong and keep those nasty germs away! But also keep in mind there is too much of a good thing. Sure a balanced workout program will keep the bugs away but over training can actually lead to a decreased efficient immune system! Stay smart and keep workouts 3-5 times per week and never longer than 90 minutes.

5. Hello Dolly! The improvements to your body and the commitment that you put forward are going to make you look and feel better. Confidence in and out of the weight room will sky rocket. People will notice this increase in confidence and your popularity will sore! People will ask you for advice and listen because the aura you shine will have them looking up at you.

6. Never look a day older than 30! Exercise has been shown to slow the aging process. This is probably for a few reasons: 1. regular exercise keeps your body looking young and in shape. And 2. The majority of regular exercisers are also healthy in other aspects. Low levels of alcholism, smokers, heavy “fast food eaters”, and healthier lifestyles all together.etc.


7. Improved life. This kinda goes on from above but fitness is a lifestyle not just a short term solution. Women that turn to strength training will be less likely to suffer from such terrible burdons such as depression, anxiety, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancers, boredom, etc. Weight training is a great exercise because it can be changed all the time. Tired of a certain exercise? Good, do something else!

So there you have it. The top 7 reasons why women should weight lift. If there is not enough here to persuade you then maybe you just do not want to be persuaded.

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About the Author

Taylor Ryan is a personal trainer dedicated to educating women to get the best body they can get. Her company TotalTonedWomensClub stresses the importance of weight training as a method to get the toned and strong body they want. Check out for more.

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Denise Austin Diet Review

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Using the online program, you will have access to an extensive recipe library to create meals that you can enjoy without guilt. A customized meal planner helps you choose daily meals that are within your recommended caloric intake so you can lose weight without any guesswork. You’ll also be able to prepare grocery lists with her menu planning tools.

The fitness portion (her specialty) gives you a variety of exercises designed to speed up your metabolism, build muscle and strength, and shed unwanted pounds from your frame. She uses a variety of exercise disciplines like strength training, aerobics, and yoga to get your body in the best shape possible.


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This is a lifestyle changing plan and not a quick fix plan. Following her guidelines, your body will start to release that unwanted weight, at any age! She provides a Feel Good section in her program with daily thoughts to motivate you to feel good about yourself at every stage of the weight loss process.

Because the program is easy to follow and the exercises are made for all ages, many people have found the ease of the program just right for them.

Here’s the Skinny

At first glance, this program might seem like so many others that are online. But look again. The uniqueness of this program might be attributed to the personality of Denise Austin. She motivates and encourages with her presence. She also devotes time to helping older people overcome age-related obstacles, get the weight off, get stronger, and feel better.

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